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Nursing Services
24-Hour Nursing Care

At Chandler, you are under the daily care of Registered Nurses (RN). We also have Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) who provide care and ensure all of your health needs are met 24/7.

Physician Care
You are under a doctor’s care at all times while at Chandler. Our staff will work closely with your physician and they will be contacted immediately with any concerns or changes in condition. Additionally, all residents’ medical status are reviewed with our Medical Directors during our monthly Quality Assurance and Interdisciplinary Team meetings.

Pharmacy Services
As ordered by your Physician, we have 24-hour pharmacy services available with our contracted pharmacy. All medicines are administered by our Nursing Staff.

Podiatry and Dental Services
Chandler has Podiatrists and Dentists who will follow your care while you are with us. These Doctors are available on-call in addition to visiting us every two months for regular care and check-up.

Opthalmology/Optometry Services
Just as with Podiatry and Dental, Chandler has physicians who will follow your eye care. They are available as needed or visit every two months for check-up care.

X-Ray and Lab Services
Lab work and general X-Ray services are provided on-site with a contracted provider. These services can be available 24 hrs. if necessary.

Dietary Care
Chandler has a Registered Dietician on staff who creates a diet specific to your special medical needs. We understand how important it is for meals to be both nutritious and delicious and work hard to ensure our residents enjoy their meals.

IV Therapy and Enteral Feeding
As ordered, we provide IV care as well as Enteral Nutrition should this be medically necessary.

Respite Care
Respite care is offered at Chandler to ensure that the care-givers at home can recharge with the knowledge that your loved one is well-cared for. Please look under our FAQ section for further information.

Chandler contracts with numerous Hospice providers to offer the utmost care and support during this difficult time of life. Please look under FAQ’s for further information.
Chandler wants to help our residents stay connected! To help our residents keep in touch with loved ones,
we offer a workstation with a large touch-screen computer. We will assist with setting up complementary Skype accounts to allow more face time with family and friends far away. Additionally, Chandler has Wi-Fi throughout and all resident rooms are cable ready.
joins us at the 3rd annual health festival
“I have gotten kind and respectful service from ALL of the staff members, and it makes the time for me very nice.”